Poppy Playtime MOD APK is a horror, action, and full of adventure game. It all starts when a toy company was launched after some time it became the favorite one among the children.
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POPPY PLAYTIME CHAPTER 2 MOD APK is a horror, action, and full of an adventure game. It all starts when a toy company was launched after some time it became the favorite one among the children. But suddenly this company went bankrupt and all employees (except you) and toys disappeared.

To find the reason behind this disappearance you are going to the ruins of that company. At the start of the game, you follow a door that looks like a poppy flower. Then you see a doll whose name is POPPY. To complete this chapter you have to free POPPY from the possession of the enemy.

Mysteries and the puzzles of chapter 1 of that game were very popular among users. They gave positive reviews and enormously appreciated the developer of the poppy playtime chapter 1. Therefore, now poppy playtime chapter 2 Mod Apk has been released. So let’s enjoy chapter 2.


The first dialogue is “A NEW PLAYMATE, IT’S BEEN SO LONG”. It is the first dialogue of the game’s monster. Last dialogue “MOMMY DOESN’T LIKE GUESTS”. You need to go to every corner of the toy company to reveal the secret hence, what is the reason behind the disappearance of employees of the workshop.


In poppy playtime, there are only two main characters in the game. She is a pink doll but looks like a spider with long legs, and moves mysteriously and detects every step of the player. Moreover, it has the power to be hidden or visible anywhere at any time and looks very scary and dangerous.

He has to solve the puzzles to complete the chapter. He also has the grab-pack hand. Grab pack hand is the magical hand through this user can do many things. There are three main uses of the grab pack hand. You can use it for grabbing and collecting things by aiming.
Fight & shoot the (mommy long legs) evil of this game.

In-game Levels

And after that, you have enough time to escape or move away from problems and you can efficiently complete the round. Electrification: To fire at the power station to get energy then the wire of the grab-pack will be energized after that you can kill the enemy by the flow of current in electrodes.

Here are a lot of comparisons between poppy playtime chapter 1 & chapter 2. In chapter 1, Huggy Wuggy is the monster but,
In chapter 2, (Mommy’s long legs) is the monster, you have to kill her to complete the chapter. Grab-pack hand.

In chapter 1, the player has a red garb-pack hand. In chapter 2, he has a green hand as compared to a red.

The Unique functionality of a green hand, One green hand can do all the things which were done by both hands in chapter 1.
Such as aiming at electricity and converting it to the next pole is now done by a single green hand. In chapter 1, only a few puzzles to solve. In chapter 2, there are many puzzles. The color puzzles in which you hear the voice of the color name and frequently tap the name of that color.

Open the door task, by converting the electricity against the pole to open the door. And many other interesting puzzles are also in chapter side monsters. In chapter 1, blue huggy muggy and pink huggy wiggy (kissy missy). in chapter 2, in addition to blue and pink huggy wuggy,

There are two more, green and yellow huggy wuggy in chapter 2. This makes it more dangerous, multiplayer gameplay. So, you and your friend both have fun, enjoy and are scared together.


  • Must Have an Internet Connection
  • Android devices are 7.0 or above
  • Latest Game Version


Question: Who had stolen the toys of the company?
Answer: Yes actually toys and workers also disappeared by the mommy’s long legs.

Question: Who is the ex-employee or game player?
Answer: He was the only one who was saved during the disaster of the toy company.

What's new

-Bug Fix

-No Ads

-Mod Free

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