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Bloody Bastards is a fighting game that is quite different from the usual. It is a product of Tibith, a name that is quite strange to everyone. At the same time, this is also their only product sold on Google Play.
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About Bloody Bastards Mod APK

Bloody Bastards is a fighting game that is quite different from the usual. It is a product of Tibith, a name that is quite strange to everyone. At the same time, this is also their only product sold on Google Play.

Unlike the usual fighting games, Bloody Bastards does not have a story mode. Instead, it is purely about beating up your opponents until they are bloody and beaten.

Features of Bloody Bastards Mod APK

The cost of all the equipment required for the game is very steep. After each game, you get $ 200. You can increase one particular bonus, but it is hardly worth the cost. The best way to obtain additional cheap equipment is to simply download the MOD version provided by Portapk just like Genshin Impact MOD APK.

You can buy all kinds of equipment for free, but you will have to level up before you purchase a heavy weapon.

  • Unlimited Resources: Access to unlimited in-game currency and resources, providing players with an edge in character upgrades and customization.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Modified gameplay mechanics and additional features, amplifying the overall gaming experience.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Elimination of intrusive ads, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming session.

Game Play

Bloody Baronets is a multiplayer game, so you will have violent and authentic 1-on-1 fights. These fights occur without congresses, rules, and doctors.

The fight ends as soon as one of the two is defeated (the health bar is equal to 0). At the moment, the game has only one mode (fighting based on the storyline). You fight against one of the characters of the game to unlock the next stage.

It’s a deficiency of bloody bastards in the complete lack of variety in the modes this game offers as a drawback. In the event that the game needs greater PvP gameplay so that I can play with my friends,

I believe it may be even more entertaining with dungeons or arenas where you could take on the challenge of monsters.

At the moment, you can only fight other warriors controlled by the computer. The difficulty level is increased with increased level, but the game makes players feel uncomfortable. Also take a look at Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK.

Top of the screen

Bloody Bastards is a game that is completely different from mobile fighting games; on top of the screen, there is no output key. With only an additional tap of the screen, you have to rinse and feel every area of the screen.

A tap has represented the left of the screen and a tap on the right side. Using the left and right bumper, press the sword that is used to strike the enemy or press the button to use the shield. In theory, the controls are quite intuitive (although they are downright difficult to use.

In Bloody Bastards, money enables you to buy equipment for your player. You can pick up numerous items, such as shields, weapons, armor, pants, shoes, and hats. In addition to making your character cool, this gear also allows you to get some defensive and offensive stats in the competitive multiplayer game.


The characters of the Bloody Bastards are depicted in the video game in an extremely funny and cartoonish way, along with the controls that make it feel very realistic. The graphics are also excellent, with impeccable two-dimensional effects.

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How To Play Bloody Bastards

  • Master the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the game’s controls and basic combat maneuvers through the tutorial.
  • Timing Is Key: Learn the importance of timing and precision in executing attacks and blocks effectively.
  • Adapt and Conquer: Adapt your strategies to counter different enemy types, exploiting their weaknesses for victory.

Download Bloody Bastards MOD APK for Android

  • Download the Mod APK file from the given link.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  • Locate the downloaded file and tap to install.
  • Follow on-screen instructions for installation.
  • Launch the game and enjoy the modded experience!


Bloody Bastards and its modded version, Bloody Bastards Mod APK, offer distinct gaming experiences catering to different player preferences. While the original game provides a challenging yet rewarding experience, the modded version adds a new dimension with enhanced features and resources. Players can choose between the two based on their inclination towards a pure or modified gameplay experience, ultimately indulging in a thrilling journey through the world of street fights and strategic combat.

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