How to Change MAC Address on Android Devices

Privacy is an issue that many users face on their Android devices. There are several ways of protecting your privacy. These include changing the MAC address on your Android device. This article will discuss how you can change the MAC address on your Android device.

Mac Address is a unique identifier assigned to Wi-Fi network interfaces. This number allows your Devices to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and helps other Servers, Apps, and the Internet to send you asked Data and track your Activities.

How to Change MAC Address on Android DevicesReasons to Change Mac Address on Android Devices

You can change the MAC address of a device in several situations. One of the scenarios is if you have a device that you want to share an internet connection with other devices. Several devices have a single MAC address.

One of the biggest reasons to change the MAC address of an Android device is to test the device in a sort of sandbox. There are times when two devices might be having the same MAC address and, you need to resolve this issue to make sure the devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi.


Another reason to change the Android Phone’s MAC Address is to Bypass Restrictions or Access Better Connection Performance – Changing the Mac Address of your Android phone always helps if you want to gain access to full internet speed or bypass restrictions.

How to Change MAC Address on Android Devices

There are two Methods to Change MAC Addresses on Android Devices. One is known as With Root Access Method and, the other is the Without Root Access Method. Now, we will share both Methods to facilitate our users in the Best Possible Way.

Change MAC Address on Android Without Root Access

  • Go to the Settings on your Device
  • Then click on the option “About Phone”
  • Now, tap on Status and the Default IP will appear on your Screen
  • After doing so, go to any Downloading Store and download Terminal Emulator
  • Install the App and run the comment “IP Link Show”
  • Now, the Network Interface will appear on your Screen
  • Click on it and type the actual name of your Interface
  • Finally run the command “IP Link set HAL9000 XX:XX:X:XX:YY:YY:YY”
  • This command will allow you to get a new MAC Address for Android
    Change MAC Address on Android with Root Access

    • Visit any App Download Store
    • Download and Install Terminal Emulator and Buy Box
    • Now open the Terminal Emulator App and type “su” in the Command
    • After typing, you will be allowed to the Root Access for the APP
    • Now run the command “IP Link Show”
    • A new command will run and you have to type your Network IP in the command
    • In the Next command, write “busy box IP link PAL9000”, it will show your Address
    • Finally, type “busy box config PAL9000 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY” and this command will allow you to change the Address.

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