How to Play Contra on Android – Step by Step Guide 2022

Contra doesn’t require any introduction as it is among the most played Multiplayer Shooting games of the ’90s. Due to its simple yet engaging gameplay, the game has settled in the hearts of millions of people forever.

It was the first game in the Contra series to feature a two-player cooperative mode. The gameplay of Contra features an alone soldier that fights against the enemy to accomplish a set of objectives. It was a 2D Graphics video game.

The series has been one of the most popular action games of all time and has been known for its challenging gameplay. It is also one of the very few video games that have been sold from the early days to the present day.

Unfortunately, Modern Android Devices are not compatible with traditional 2D games. This reality is quite devastating for Contra Fans as they always find ways to enable and play the Contra series on their Android Models.

Guide for Playing Contra Game on Android Phones

After doing non-stop research for months, we have concluded that it is possible to play The Legendary Contra on your Android phone. In this guide, we will share our tested method of how to play Contra on Android Phones.

  • After all, download the NES Emulator App to your Android device
  • Now complete the installation process and open the app
  • Finally, follow the guide mentioned below

How to play Contra on Android Phone

You can play Contra as a part of your Android device. This is a guide to installing and playing Contra as a part of your Android device. All you need is to follow the steps carefully and install NES Emulator before downloading the Contra.

  • Download and Install the NES Emulator app for Android
  • Now select the Contra Game


  • Tap on the Icon “Play Button” to open the game
  • Select start to run the Contra


How to enable Multiplayer Option to play Contra on 2 Android Phones

NES Emulator is important for enabling the Multiplayer option on two different Android phones. To enable two-player Contra Mode, you must turn on the Bluetooth option on both devices and connect to a stable Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Open the Contra Game
  • Tap on the Option


  • Select Multiplayer Option
  • After doing so, a new interface will appear in the Bluetooth section
  • Click on a server with Phone A and click on the Client option through Phone B
  • A Connection is Successful notification will appear on Phone Bhow-to-play-the-legendary-contra-game-on-android-picture-10-jsnogNEyk
  • Now select a 2-player mode on Phone A
  • Then click Start to start the game

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