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Pantalla Dividida is a handy app that lets you divide your screen into multiple windows so that you can work on different tasks at the same time
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Android 4.0 and Up
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Pantalla Dividida APK, or Split Screen in English, is a nifty feature that revolutionizes multitasking on devices. It allows users to simultaneously view and work on two different applications or tasks, side by side, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Features of Pantalla Dividida

  • Multitasking Marvel: Seamlessly run two apps at once.
  • Customizable Split: Adjust the screen ratio according to preference.
  • Effortless Navigation: Switch between apps with ease.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Complete tasks faster by accessing multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Supported Apps: Works with a wide array of compatible applications.
  • Device Compatibility: Available on various devices for a versatile experience.

About Pantalla Dividida APK

Pantalla Dividida APK is the standalone file that allows users to access and enable the split-screen feature on devices that might not have it preinstalled. It’s a convenient way to expand multitasking capabilities. Also take a look at CamScanner Pro MOD APK.

Features of Pantalla Dividida APK

Enhanced Compatibility

Pantalla Dividida APK is designed to work on various devices, expanding the reach of the split-screen feature. It bridges the gap for devices that don’t natively support split-screen, allowing more users to enjoy multitasking benefits.

Easy Installation

Installing Pantalla Dividida APK is a breeze. It involves a simple download and setup process. Users can swiftly install the APK file, granting them access to the split-screen functionality without complex procedures.

Customization Options

Pantalla Dividida APK offers personalization features, allowing users to tailor their split-screen experience. You can adjust screen ratios, rearrange app positions, and tweak settings to suit your preferences, making multitasking more comfortable and personalized.

Regular Updates

The developers frequently provide updates for Pantalla Dividida APK, ensuring that users have access to the latest enhancements and improvements. Regular updates not only enhance performance but also introduce new features for an even better multitasking experience. Also check Zarchiver APK.

How To Install Pantalla Dividida APK?

Installing Pantalla Dividida APK is a straightforward process:

  • Download APK File: Download the Mod APK file from the given link.
  • Enable Installation: Go to device settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Install APK: Locate the downloaded file and click to begin installation.
  • Follow Prompts: Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Activate Feature: Once installed, access the split-screen feature through device settings or specific gestures.


In conclusion, Pantalla Dividida and its APK version offer a practical solution for multitasking, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity on various devices. While the APK extends compatibility, users should exercise caution when installing from third-party sources just like Ultimate Guitar Pro MOD APK. Mastering the split-screen feature can significantly amplify efficiency, making multitasking a breeze across multiple applications.

What's new

-User-Friendly Interface

-Speed Boosted

-Bug Resolved

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