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FMWhatsApp APK is the modified version of the original Whatsapp. However, FMWhatsApp offers Additional Features and Options to its users and, all these functionalities are not available in the Official Edition of Whatsapp.
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FMWhatsApp APK is the modified version of the original Whatsapp. However, FMWhatsApp offers Additional Features and Options to its users and, all these functionalities are not available in the Official Edition of Whatsapp.

The FMWhatsapp allows users to make two different Whatsapp accounts on the same device. Moreover, it features an Updated Security and Privacy Option, which means you can use this app without putting your privacy at stake.

FMWhatsApp is the Modded version of Official WhatsApp and, it is not available on Google Play Store. If you want to get the latest FMWhatsapp MOD APK edition, then download it from our secured downloading links.

About FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. It’s tailored to provide users with additional features and customization options beyond what the original app offers. Developed by third-party developers, FMWhatsApp has gained traction among users seeking more control and flexibility in their messaging experience. You can also take a look at WhatsApp Red APK.

Features of FMWhatsApp

  • Enhanced Privacy Settings: FMWhatsApp allows users to tweak privacy settings extensively, including hiding online status, blue ticks, and more.
  • Customization Options: Users can personalize the interface with themes, fonts, and icon variations, offering a unique look and feel.
  • Increased File Sharing Limits: Unlike WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp enables larger file transfers, making it convenient for sharing media files.
  • Message Scheduler: This feature lets users schedule messages to be sent at specific times, adding convenience to communication.
  • Multiple Account Support: Users can operate multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device using FMWhatsApp.
  • Enhanced Security: FMWhatsApp includes additional security measures, such as app locks and passcodes, to protect user data.

How To Use FMWhatsApp?

Using FMWhatsApp is relatively similar to using the original WhatsApp. After downloading and installing the app, users can log in using their phone number, import existing chats, and start messaging. The additional features are accessible within the settings menu, allowing users to customize their experience according to their preferences.

About FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK refers to the installation file format used for Android devices. It offers the same features and functionalities as the regular FMWhatsApp but requires manual installation, bypassing the Google Play Store just like Descargar Whatsapp Plus APK.

Dominating Features of FMWhatsApp MOD APK

FMWhatsapp is the Hacked or Modified edition of the Official Whatsapp. Unlike the original App, FMWhatsApp offers pretty cool features with improved user experience, additional privacy, and freedom of customization.

First of all: FMWhatsApp comes out with Additional Privacy and Theme Modifications Option. The app has an updated theme store with `100+ styles to choose from. Besides, it features 30+ Bubbles and Ticks Styles.

The FMWhatsapp latest version supports Audio and Video Calling with the latest UI. This feature also allows you to direct Load your files with Media Previews. Moreover, you can hide the Last Seen Option and display your Online and Last Seen features on the main screen.

Users can send up to 1GB of Video files via this app. You can also add up to 250 Characters in the status field. Furthermore, the app allows you to change App Launcher and Notifications Icon as per your desire. The app also offers Big and New Emojis.

The overall features of FMWhatsApp are way better and updated than the original WhatsApp Version. Also, the app is simple to use and requires little storage to download on your Android device.

Third-Party Source

FMWhatsApp APK isn’t available on official app stores like Google Play; instead, it’s downloaded from third-party websites. This method offers unique features but comes with potential risks, so it’s essential to choose trustworthy sources.

Enhanced Customization

Compared to the Play Store version, FMWhatsApp APK provides extra customization options. Users can personalize themes, fonts, and icons extensively, making their messaging experience more tailored to their preferences.

Regular Updates

To stay updated with the latest features and security patches, users of FMWhatsApp APK need to manually update the app. Unlike automatic updates from official stores, this manual process gives users more control over when they choose to upgrade their messaging app.

What’s new in FMWhatsApp MOD APK

The latest FMWhatsApp MOD APK version is out on the market. This updated modded edition offers Additional Privacy Features, Latest Themes Store, Big Emojis, New UI for Video and Audio Calls, and Improved User-Experience.

If you want to enjoy all these Premium Features Unlocked for free, then download and install FMWhatsApp from our website. We ensure you that our downloading links are secure and compatible with 4.0 and above Android Models.

How To Install FMWhatsApp APK?

  • Download: Get the APK file from a given link.
  • Enable Installation: Allow installation from unknown sources in the device settings.
  • Install: Open the downloaded APK file and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Verify Number: Enter your phone number and verify it as you would with the regular WhatsApp.
  • Restore Chats: If prompted, restore chats from a previous backup or start fresh.


FMWhatsApp and its APK variant offer users an array of features and customization options not available in the official WhatsApp. While providing enhanced control and convenience, users should be cautious when downloading and using APK versions due to potential security risks. Ultimately, choosing between FMWhatsApp and its APK counterpart depends on individual preferences for additional features and willingness to manage potential security concerns.

What's new

- Latest Themes Store

- Big Emojis

- New UI for Video and Audio Calls

- Improved User-Experience


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