How to use Netflix Cookies _ Detailed Guide 2022

Netflix is a paid Streaming Media platform where users have to pay Charges to avail their services. The company has introduced its two major subscription plans – Standard Plan and Premium Plan. Moreover, the Level of Services and Privileges depends on your subscribed plan.

Moreover, the criteria for using Devices also vary according to your Subscription. If you are using a Standard Plan, you allow you use two devices at the same time.  With Premium Netflix Account, you can connect four different at once.

What is Netflix Cookies and How they Works

As we mentioned above, Cookies are used to collect basic data from a website in your web browser for future assistance. So, if you Export Netflix saved Cookies from one Browser to another, then these Cookies allow you to access Premium Netflix Account without using a password or username.

Netflix Cookies Portapk

Without wasting your precious time, we are going to share a  Method of Using Netflix Cookies. The Cookies added by us are updated regularly to avoid Cookies Issues. Furthermore, we are going to share a detailed guide regarding the Fix Cookies Issue.

How to use Netflix Cookies on PC

It is quite simple to Import and Run Netflix Premium Account on your PC via Netflix Cookies. However, there are few crucial steps you must follow to get the Free Premium Access. Besides, you can apply this method with all kinds of Browsers.

  • First of all, Install any Search Browser on your PC, Laptop or Mac-book. If you want a hustle-free and smooth Netflix Working Experience, then Chrome is highly recommended.
  • Now you have to download a Chrome Extension to inject the Netflix Cookies. There is a wide range of Cookies Extensions available on the Chrome Store. However, Cookie Editor and Edit the Cookie are some famous Cookies Extensions.
  • Nevertheless, the ultimate purpose of downloading extensions is to bypass Netflix’s Official Login Procedure by Copying the Cookies Data automatically.
  • After downloading any Cookies Extension, Click on Add to Chrome option.
  • Now, you have to open the Official Netflix Site “”
  • After the Website fully Loaded, Click on the Icon of Cookies Editor at the top right side of your Browser
  • You will see Default Cookies and you have to Delete them by Clicking the Delete All Option on the bottom side of the Extension
  • Now Copy the Cookies available on our website and then, click on Import Button. A blank box will appear on the screen, paste the Cookies into it.
  • After doing so, the Green Tick will appear on the bottom side of the Box, you have to Click it to save the Cookies.
  • Finally, open the Netflix on New Tab or Refresh Page you will get access to Netflix Premium Account for Free.

How to use Netflix Cookies on Mobile

Nowadays, people prefer to watch Movies or other Streaming Content on their Mobile and other Android devices. If you are among those people and want to use Netflix Premium Account on Mobile for Free, then follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • First of all, you have to install a Browser on your Mobile Phone. For this purpose, you can go to Google Play Store and download any of your favorite Browser.
  • After Installing the Browser on your phone, you have to add an Extension to your browser through Cookies Extension Option
  • After adding an extension, you have to copy Premium Netflix Cookies from our website and paste it into the Cookies Extension and then, Click Ok.
  • Finally, go to the Netflix Official Website and you will be logged into the Premium Account with putting Username and Password.

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