Ultimate Guide to Clear Cookies on Chrome, Firefox & other browsers – 2022

Cookies are defined as small piece of data that helps improve your web-browsing experience. When you visit a website, then the data obtained for it is saved in your browser in the form of Cookies. Now, the next time you visit that website, the Cookies lets website remember you.

There are some text files saved in the cookies – like passwords and usernames. The Cookies are perfectly safe because they won’t reveal your Privacy. However, Cookies can be used to track your Web-Browsing Activities.

How to Clear Cookies on Chrome

Chrome is a famous web browser. Most people prefer this browser due to its enhanced loading speed and Google affiliation. However, you must clear cookies on Chrome to avoid further troubles with page-loading speed. We are going to share the Cookies Deleting Method on Chrome.

Delete Cokies

  • Open the Chrome Browser
  • Go to the Three-Dot Tools Menu on the top right side of your page
  • Click on the Settings Button from the Tools Menu
  • Now tap on the Advanced page Button on the left side of the Menu
  • Search for Privacy Section and select Show Cookies Option
  • After pressing this option, a new tab will be open
  • In New Tab, you will see all the Cookies saved on your Browser
  • Click on the Cookies, you want to delete
  • Click Ok

How to Clear Cookies on Firefox

Firefox is another popular Search Engine for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Similar to other search engines, Firefox saves third-party data for a better user experience. Mentioned below are steps to clear Cookies on Firefox.

  • Open the Firefox browser on your device
  • In the upper-right corner of the browser, you will see Menu Bars
  • Click on the Privacy Option
  • Now Click on Cookies to clear them
  • Finally, tap and Select Clear Recent History

How to delete cookies on chrome 2022

How to Import Cookies on your Chrome Browser

The Chrome Browser automatically saves Cookies of any website you visit on your computer. However, you can also Inject Cookies on your Chrome Browser. For this purpose, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Chrome Browser on your Device
  • Go to the Three-Dotted Button on the top right side of your page
  • Now Click on the More button on the right side
  • Search for Privacy Button there and click on it
  • By clicking it, a Show Cookies Option will appear on
  • Click on the Show Cookies Button and a list of Cookies will open
  • Now scroll down to the last cookie and you will find a blank cell
  • Inject your Cookies into that cell

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